Quasar Laser Tag Hire . . .


The Spec: The laser tag is the most recent addition to our fleet of

Inflatables. Its inflatable arena forms a covered all weather playing

area of approximately 1400 square feet or 400+ square metres

meaning Its Huge!!!


Internally the arena is constructed of interconnected chambers

forming a simple maze, which for most of its area is over 6 feet or

1.82 metre high.


To enhance, visual effect of the lasers & to add to the excitement,

inside the arena is gloomy & can be filled with futuristic sound, light effect & smoke if required.


PLEASE NOTE: This game can also be played outdoors, providing a suitable venue can be secured or you have a large enough area to play, as the guns have an amazing range of over 400ft, making them ideal for outdoor & woodland combat, should you require any further information please feel free to contact us


The Game: The game is best played in groups of between 10 & 14 players, 5 to 7 players on either team. The aim of the game is to venture into the maze & battle it out against the opponents in what is by far the most adrenaline packed game we have.


Each player starts on the outside of the maze and has 30 second to hide after activating the count down timer, the count down is displayed via a series of LED lights on the left hand side of the Laser gun.


After the 30 seconds are up, the lazer gun will power up & activate your ammo & life cells, these will be displayed on via LED’s on either side of the guns trigger & laser sight. At this point the gun will wish you good luck & the game will commence.


Every time a player is shot an LED light will go out on the gun and a small shock will be applied. Once all the LED’s have been shot out, the player will have to leave the game & the gun will deactivate. The winner will be the last man standing or the players who last the full 10 minutes of game time.


There is no limit to the amount of games that can be played in one hire session & our fully trained staff will be only too happy to help with any technical assistance you may need throughout the day.


The Guns: By far the best laser tag guns on the market, Specially designed for the mobile system, the laser guns are highly sophisticated with many special features to enhance this exciting concept of laser tag. The guns are designed to be used in a safe two handed grip and are specially weighted and balanced to give a realistic feel.


The guns shoot highly accurate yet safe infra-red laser beams (see note below) which are great under the effects of the fog machine (not supplied). A built-in voice synthesizer provides an individual player with verbal instructions and game status & it records the number of bullets fired and damage recorded just like those state of the art centres up & down the country, yet our guns relay this information to the players in real time via an LED display on the guns themselves so you can track your own progress throughout the game.


The guns also show your game status & warn you as your life or ammo becomes low with simple command “Ammo Low”  “Life Low”  “Reload ”  etc etc...


The guns can be set up & run on an everyman for themselves basis or a team operations basis through varying stages of difficulty, so even if you have the shooting ability of an imperial storm trooper there will be a game to suit you best.


Their awfully clever internal speakers also produce the appropriate sound whenever you reload or run out of laser ammunition. Many are called. But few are man enough to take the pain. Now's the time to take the challenge and get thoroughly blasted - if you dare?


ALIEN UPGRADE The Laser maze has the option of being transformed into our unique Hanger 51 laser arena Extreme, complete with giant 30ft tall alien inflatable, alien themed banners fitted to the sides and a smoke machine inside the dome, the Alien upgrade is an addition £50 but well worth it for that extra special event.


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