Giant Operation/ Giant Sawbones . . .



What is Saw Bones?

The Giant operation for hire in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield,

Halifax & York is an authentic fibreglass male patient who has

ten individual cavities, positioned all over his body. Each cavity

contains a body part for example his ‘Adam's Apple’, ‘Tennis

Elbow', ‘Butterflies in the Tummy' It’s a Giant version of the

classic game “Operation” we all knew and loved as a child, now

available for hire to all you big kids out there.


Starting the game
At the start of each game, the player has three lives, and every

time the tweezers touch the patient’s body, the player loses

one of these lives. The game is started by simply pressing the

patient's red nose, this starts the timer positioned on the

patient's pillow.


How to play
Using the surgical tweezers provided, the player has to very carefully remove all (or as many of)

the ten body parts as possible without allowing the tweezers to touch the patient’s body.

The first time the player touches the patient's body they will hear a voice saying ‘Ow be careful’
The second time the player touches the patient's body they will hear a voice saying ‘Touch that and I’ll call my lawyer’ The third time the player touches the patient's body they will be greeted with the familiar and very distinctive sound of an ambulance siren.

Competition timer
To make our saw bones game even more challenging, we have added a built-in timer, positioned on the patient’s pillow, which records exactly how many seconds it has taken for the player to remove all ten body parts. And that’s not all, during each game the player will hear a heartbeat monitor, adding to the pressure of the operation!


The aim of the game
The aim of the saw bones game is for the player to remove all ten body parts in less than 60 seconds, without using all three lives. The player who achieves this in the quickest time is the winner !!


The Price: This electronic game is available at a cost of £195 for a 4 hour period and comes complete with a fully trained operator (Doctor) at all times.


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